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How to Know If Tingle Tanning Lotion Is for You

Tanning lotions containing tingle can range from slight to extreme. Tingle is for advanced tanners and should never be used by someone without a base tan and someone with sensitive skin. Someone trying tingle for the first time should try a sample and test a small area. Some areas of course are more sensitive to tingle than others. Usually the legs are not as sensitive and some tanners will only use tingle lotion on there legs... since the legs are harder to tan. The following are things to consider to know if tingle tanning lotion is worth getting a tan.

1го Is tingle tanning lotion dangerous?
Tingle tanning lotion is not dangerous, however it can be very uncomfortable. The ingredients giving tingle that hotness is the same stuff they put in muscle rubs.
Tingle lotion is for adult use. You should never use tingle if you are going to be in direct contact with small children. It will rub off and cause a reaction on the child.

2го What causes the redness?
Tingle increases the blood flow and causes the reddening. By the time your tanning salon visit is over you will be looking like a lobster which will turn into tan later.

3го How does it help me tan better?
Because it does increase the blood flow it speeds up the repair process of the skin. The tanning process comes from damage being done to your skin by sun or uv rays and melanin rising to repair the skin.

4го What will tingle feel like?
Depending on your skin it can range from feel like a slight spank on the skin to feeling like someone poured liquid acid all over your body, then doused you in gasoline, set you on fire and stomped you out with golf shoes. The feeling usually gets less dramatic the less you use it. I here stories all the time of people saying they are allergic to this lotion or that. It broke them out in whelps and they went to the ER. Well, more than likely they are not allergic but just having a bad tingle lotion experience.

5го If you decide to use tingle you will want to start with a product that has a low intensity. The gradually work your way up. The effects can last for a few minutes to several hours.
Tingle is made from combination of Hexyl Nicotinate, Methyl Nicotinate, and Benzyl Nicotinate


*The first time I used tingle lotion I felt extreme heat and like pins sticking me in the skin for over 5 hours... even after taking a bath. The next time it only last two hours
*However, some people just love this stuff and can't get enough.
*Use at your own risk, you've been warned.

great article, I'll pass it on to my daughter! 5*

Good info on Tingle tanning lotion I've never heard of it.

Good article and pictures.

I don't do tanning beds but my daughters do and other relatives. The tanning lotion can be dangerous to some people. My youngest daughter was being held by my oldest daughter who had tingle lotion on and she had a severe allergic reaction. So they should put on the label to be careful touching children after use...even if they have had a shower. But for those who love to tingle tan I'll give this article a 5* It is very informative!

Wow, I have never heard of this. I am not the type to go tanning, I guess, but know plenty of people that do. I'm sure this article will help my tanning friends. 5*

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