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How to Manage Frayed Jeans Cuffs

Sometimes a favorite pair of jeans becomes frayed and worn on the end of the legs. Cuffs that are heavily worn become torn and ragged. Here's how to manage frayed jeans.

1го Let The Frayed Cuffs Wear By Themselves.
Leave the frayed cuffs alone. They will wear unevenly, but also create an edgy rocker lock. As long as the rest of your wardrobe, shoes, belt, shirt, etc. are looking good, the frayed cuffs will be unnoticeable in most casual situations.

2го Cut The Frayed Cuffs With Scissors
If there are long or uneven pieces of cuff hanging off the end of your pant leg, carefully trim the frayed cuffs with a pair of scissors. Remember not to over trim. Instead of trimming the cuff all at once, gently cut off the frayed cuff a little bit at a time.

3го Have The Frayed Cuffs Professionally Hemmed
If your jeans are expensive or have sentimental value, have a professional tailor work on them. A professional can help mend a cuff or many other torn or broken parts of a favorite pair of jeans. The best part? The tailors work will probably not cost more than a new pair of jeans.

4го Replace The Jeans
If your cuffs are truly worn, consider replacing the jeans, especially if they originally cost <$50. Sometimes a pair of jeans simply gets to ragged to wear in public. Don't hold onto the past, move into the future with a new pair of jeans when a favorite pair becomes to worn to wear.

Good points. It is funny how frayed jeans are the style these days.

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